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Which plans are Ali Orders 2022 offering?

For all new users, Free Plan is automatically activated by default after the extension has been installed. This is a free-for-lifetime package if you do not upgrade to a paid plan, with some limited features:

Limited orders per day

Limited syncing products from Shopify

Limited Import products from AliExpress

There are 3 Paid plan at this moment applying for Ali Orders users.

For old/current Paid plan user who has chosen Paid plan before but not approved charge yet or uninstalled then reinstalled the app, please click on Get Started and finish to approve charge in Shopify then could use the app with Paid plan normally.

Now there are 3 main plan available in Pricing section for all new users with advanced features including:

All features from Free Plan

Bulk Order Fulfillment

Update tracking code in real-time

Bulk import whole-page products to Shopify

If you need some more helps, please let us know via our live chat or email us at

Updated on: 04/11/2022

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