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Import Products from Ali Orders to your Shopify Store

The Import list is a useful place that acts as a storage for you to manage your products. Here you can have the freedom to edit them before importing them into your Shopify store. You can refer to this article to learn how to import products into the Import list.

Once you have reviewed them carefully, It's time to push them to your Shopify store and start selling!


First, You can click on the product name. This will open an editor window where you can customize the list of products.

Here's what you can do in the editor window:

Set a clear and descriptive product name: A good product name can help your customers find your product easily. To set the product name, simply click on the Title field and enter a name.

Choose the right Collection, Type, and Tags: These fields correspond to the Shopify product format and help organize your product list. Choose the appropriate option that best describes your product.

Optimize your product descriptions: Use this field to provide detailed and accurate product information. This will help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Set your sales price and compare at price: The Selling price is the amount you want to sell the product for, while the Compare at price is the original price of the product before any discounts. Choose prices that align with your business strategy.

You have the flexibility to set your desired selling price. You can either enter it for each variant individually or by using the Bulk Edit feature. It will help you to set both the Selling price and Compare at price for all variants simultaneously.

Image: Choose the images for the product variant: The quality of your product images can make a big difference in how your store is perceived


Once you've done the edit, click Save, then click on Push to store

Note: The product will become visible to all your customers if you directly publish it to your online store. If you only push as Unpublished Products, it will appear in the backend of your store where you can edit or manage it before making it visible to all your customers.

Once the product is pushed successfully, you can check them on the Product list of Ali Orders.

You can also view the product on your Shopify store by clicking on the ‘Edit on Shopify’ button.

On your Shopify, all the information of the product has been saved there, you can edit them and preview them on your front store.

Congratulations! You have successfully pushed the product to your Shopify store. Keep up the great work!

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Updated on: 03/08/2023

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