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How to Split Products for Shopify?

In some cases, you will need to split one product into multiple new products.

Ali Orders is here to help you! You can easily split products as you please. Check out the guide below to learn how!

Access the Split Product Page

Step 1: Go to Ali Orders => Import List
Step 2: On the right of the product card, click “Split Product”

A new tab will open:

Step 3: You can choose to split your product by Option (different Colors, different Sizes, Ship from…..). And don’t forget to click “Split”.

Split by Variants

You can also Split a product by Variant to create a product for a unique variant.

Step 1: Select the product which you want to split => Product Detail

Step 2: Select Split variants and choose the variant to use to create a new product, then click Split.

You can select multiple or single variants here. A new product will be created with only the variants you selected.

Now you know how to split a product into multiple products.

Feel free to contact Ali Orders Customer Service team at or via live chat for further questions.

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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