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How to customize products

After you add a product, Ali Orders imports product's information including description, variants, images. This product will be found in the Import List and here you can modify it before publishing into the Shopify store. You can keep all original information, or you can customize it to look more professional by clicking on the title of a product:

Title: You can change the product title, try to choose the eye catchy title to attract your visitors. Then you can add it to Shopify collections, or add a tag to help organize the products better in your store.

Description: Use the editor to edit product description, add images or insert links if needed.

Variants: You can edit color, size, manually set the product price. You can also deselect variants that you do not want to sell and see how much inventory the supplier has for each variant.

Images: Hover your cursor into Product thumbnail. Add more or remove images according to your needs

After customized, click on “Push Product” button to public your product.

NOTE: After a product is published to your Shopify store, you can only customize it in Shopify admin. There is no way to transfer these products back to the Import List.

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Updated on: 23/03/2023

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