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DSers Migration

Wasting lots of time for importing same products on both DSers and Ali Orders? No need to do it anymore!

Ali Orders has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to seamlessly transfer their mapped products from DSers to Ali Orders. This helps to save lots of time for mapping products, you do not need to try to remember the AliExpress link, and have the products mapped again.

If you are in need of moving your products from DSers to Ali Orders, this article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

3 Steps to migrate products from your DSers

1. Install the Ali Orders Shopify app and Ali Orders Google Chrome extension

Easy to install Ali Orders by following this article

Please make sure that your Ali Orders Chrome Extension is at version or above.

2. Login on both Ali Orders and DSers

Make sure that you log in your DSers account successfully.

3. How to migrate

There are 2 ways that you can migrate your mapped products: on Ali Orders or DSers.

a. Migrate from Ali Orders:

There is a Top notification bar for migration when you navigate to Import List or Product List on Ali Orders:

Click on Migrate Now button and choose the option you want: Transfer the products in the Import List, or Mapped Products in the Product List, or both.

Once done, click on Start Migrate.

In the case of Mapped Products, if the products are already mapped in Ali Orders, you can either:

Choose Override link: the AliExpress link in DSers will overwrite the current link in Ali Orders.
Choose Skip: The current AliExpress link in Ali Orders will be kept as it is.

b. Migrate from DSers:

Migrate All: As the same with Ali Orders app, on DSers, there will be a top bar of Migrate feature to Ali Orders on both your Import List and My Products:

Click on Migrate Now button and select the options for your migration and then, you will confirm with clicking on ‘Start Migrate’. These steps will help you migrate all your mapped products to Ali Orders app for the fulfillment process.

Migrate Per Product: If you require the migration of specific products only, rest assured that an option exists to accommodate this need. By simply hovering over a product listed on either the Import List or My Products, it is possible to migrate the item with ease by clicking on the Migrate to Ali Orders button.

c. Confirmation email

Following the completion of the migration, a confirmation email will be dispatched.


You will need to keep your Ali Orders and Dsers accounts logged in and opened throughout the migration process.
The Migrate feature provides the benefit of transferring an unlimited number of mapped products from DSers.
It is possible to retain the existing AliExpress link on Ali Orders app.
Only 1 Default AliExpress Product Link will be migrated from DSers.
The timing of the confirmation email dispatch will be determined by the total number of migrated products.

Now that you've known all the steps necessary to bring all your products from DSers to Ali Orders. Do not forget to pay attention to the notes above to avoid any unwanted inconvenience.

Should you have any other concern, feel free to contact our Support team via our live chat channel, or our email at

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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