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Ali Orders Spring Update - 2023

A good product needs to deliver an exceptional experience for customers. That’s why at Ali Orders, we’re constantly improving to bring you the best possible experience. Here is what’s new in the latest version of Ali Orders.

An overhauled UI

Ali Orders is truly refreshed with the new Polaris UI kit. We share the same language with Shopify which contributes to high-quality merchant experiences.

New features added

Autofind Features

Related Image: Finding similar images could’ve never been easier with this new feature. This allows you to find similar images from other suppliers on AliExpress. Remember the time when you found a very cool product, but, the images are not up to your expectations, they are quite blurry and the angle is just not right? With Autofind Related Images, you can find similar images from other suppliers with just one click of a button.

Supplier Finder: In the Product Detail, you are now presented with a list of similar suppliers on AliExpress:

Product Cost & Order trend

We put in even more information for you to determine if the product is worth choosing. The Product cost shows the price that the Supplier has set during a period of time. While the Order trend gives you an indication of how well this product is selling. The information is presented right there in front of you. And it is up to you to pick the right time to sell!


Introducing the new Starter plan

These features are included in the package:
Split Product: You can now split the products before importing them to Shopify.
More quotas: 50 products in Import List, 300 products imported to store.
Include the Trend Chart which shows the Price and Order changes of the products on AliExpress

Changes in the Free plan

10 products in your Import List
10 products imported to your Shopify store
*Note: Current users effective date April 1st, 2023

SLA Announcement

We implement both Live chat & Email support for all of our customers. With the Basic plan or above will experience the below privilege:
24/7 Support coverage
Priority over others when requests are overflowing
1-on-1 dedicated onboarding specialists

If you have any further concerns, please contact us via the live chat or email us via

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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